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Please note that ScriptEnforcer is in heavy development, changes are made constantly to our service, therefore this page may not always be up to date.

  • You can easily track each of your ScriptFodder scripts on our Servers Dashboard page.
  • Each server is categorised under the user that purchased it
  • Servers can be queried to check if they are online, running other plugins and more
  • This allows you to collect information based on how your scripts are ran, and what they are most popular with
Free Utilities
  • Many different Utilities are available for use. However you must be logged in to use them.
  • Check if a user owns a script, their bans, servers and more to come!
  • Sorry, the Statistics section is not available at this time and is under heavy development.
Affordable DRM
  • 7 Day free Trials!
  • Lua or Module based transportation of your code to a clients server.
  • Easily edit your code on the fly though your Dashboard!
  • Servers that aren't authorised via hashkey ownership cannot receive your code!
  • Heuristic leak detection!
  • All servers logged are stored in your server dashboard for later review!
  • Easily import all of your ScriptFodder scripts via your Dashboard!

If you have any suggestions, feature lists or bug reports, don't hesitate to contact us!